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How Faith Comes

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.
Romans 10:17 NASB

You wouldn’t think that hearing something could influence you so much, but it does. We listen to things all the time: the news helps us form opinions on our local area as well as the world, music influences our emotions and sometimes memories, and speakers can influence and inspire us to be better at…just fill-in the blank.

So if we are putting the Word of God in us, if we are reading and listening to the Word of God, we can be assured that it WILL influence our life with more faith.  If we are Christians, we should want the influence that the Bible gives us to speak louder than anything else in our life!  We should desire more faith!

But there is a second aspect at play here. The Word of God will last forever. It will never fade away. This is spiritual and eternal stuff here! Compare that to the latest book you read or the latest TV show you watched. Those things provide a small measure of entertainment, but they are soon forgotten. Again, the Word of God provides you with faith that will see you through eternity.

Why wouldn’t I want to read the Bible more? I should stay in the Word of God and in doing so, increase my faith.

I need to understand and remember that the things of this world are fading away, but the Word is eternal. Invest in what lasts!!!

Lord, I desire to grow in You daily. I want to live a life of faith in every aspect. As I learn more and seek Your face through Your Word, help me to understand it more.   Help me to live by faith.



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