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Holy Anger

The Spirit of God rushed upon Saul when he heard these words, and he became very angry.
1 Samuel 11:6 NET

The picture here is awesome! God’s Spirit rushed on Saul. Imagine what that must have been like?

But we know that through the Scripture that Saul became angry.

Does God make us angry?

It was a righteous anger! Israelites in a given city were told that they would each have one eye gouched out in order to have a treaty with a foreign power.

You see, there are many things that promise protection and relief, but they still harm you. They want to hurt you and make it seem like they are doing you a favor.

But God’s people don’t have to make those deals. They just need to trust in Him. God comes to your rescue. And He brings down a holy anger on those who want to hurt His children!

If you live for and serve God, you have a Father in Heaven who moves Heaven and Earth for you. He will not stand-by while others try to do evil. He always provides a way out!

Stay close to Him and let His Spirit dwell in you. In the Old Testament days, the Spirit would come on individuals for a given work.

On this side of the Resurrection though, the Holy Spirit has been given to all Believers. He dwells in us at all times.

Father, help me to stand against evil as I am moved by the Holy Spirit. Help me to trust in Your power and might.


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