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Hindered or Obedient?

You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth?
Galatians 5:7 NASB

Paul was writing to people who walked the walk of faith, but for some reason, were hindered. The reason? They stopped obeying the truth! The truth that they first believed was being replaced by some other idea. But it wasn’t THE truth! How does this happen?

This happens when believers don’t take the time to continue in prayer and reading the Word. This happens when believers allow the things of this world to speak louder than the things of God. This happens when believers aren’t led by the Holy Spirit.

This could be a worrisome thing because just being a little off course, causes you to be WAY off course down the road. Christians need to always evaluate and reflect on their walk. The Holy Spirit was sent to us to be a helper. If we are led by the Holy Spirit, we can adjust our thoughts, heart and actions to God.

There is no substitute for staying close to God. The true believer will always want to be pleasing to God and will seek and stay sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Do I take the time to reflect on and seek the truth? Or do I take what I see and hear as the Gospel?

I need to know the Word of God so when things come up, I can evaluate them in light of God’s Word. Does it line up? Or is this some weird, new/old teaching (there is nothing new under the sun)?

I also need to continue to spend time and prayer and stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will give me those “checks” in my spirit. When that happens, I need to step back and take a closer look at what is going on and what I’m allowing to influence my life.

In the end, I don’t want anything to hinder my walk with the Lord.

Lord, help me to know Your truth. Help me to be obedient to Your truth. Let me know Your Word and stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that I can identify things that are not of You that would want to influence my life.


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