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He’s Your Strength

You are my source of strength! I will sing praises to you! For God is my refuge, the God who loves me.
Psalms 59:17 NET

We go through times when this world can really weigh on us. Our responsibilities, but also things that should bring us joy and refreshing can suck the life out of us.

But the Psalmist understood that our strength relies on God, not anything else!

When we finally come to that realization, we will praise Him! We know that IN HIM, we find safety and peace. He is our refuge.

If you don’t plug an appliance into the electrical socket, it doesn’t matter how many times you hit the power button, it won’t work.

So many Christians want God to move in their lives, but don’t plug into the source!

This is not a difficult subject to understand. Get close to God, and He will come close to you.

The problem is when we don’t give the Lord His proper place in our lives, but then become dissolutioned because He isn’t answering our prayers.

He loves you! Get close to Him and let him be Your strength and refuge.

Lord, thank You that I can count on You. I thank You that when all else is failing, that You are my strength and refuge. Help me to put my trust in You alone.


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