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Heaven on Earth?

14 Now when the people saw the miraculous sign that Jesus performed, they began to say to one another, “This is certainly the Prophet who is to come into the world.” 15 Then Jesus, because he knew they were going to come and seize him by force to make him king, withdrew again up the mountainside alone.
John 6:14-15 NET

Jesus knew what was in the heart of man. He performed an awesome miracle that showed His power, glorified God and met the physical needs of those on the mountainside.

But all people saw was someone who could feed them without having to put in any effort at all. “Let Jesus just pray and bring forth fish and bread.”

Jesus knew that they would come and make Him King by force. That wasn’t the way He was supposed to be King.

His Kingdom isn’t on this Earth. It is a million times better!

Are you looking to make Heaven here on Earth? That would be the greatest mistake ever! Nothing on this Earth can even touch what He has prepared…

Are you serving Jesus from what you can get from Him? More blessings? Answered prayer? A get out of Hell free card?

All of those are benefits, but we should serve Him because He is Lord. And as a result, we submit ourselves to His rule.

Now, He rules from Heaven, in our hearts and through the Spirit. But one day, we will see Him face to face. We will stand before His throne.

Lord, thank You for all of the blessings that we experience here and now. But we look forward to that day when we will see You face to face.


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