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He Will Provide

Abraham said, “God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” So the two of them walked on together. Genesis 22:8 NASB

As we are asked to believe and live out our faith, there is always something missing from the story where we have to look to God to make it complete. We might have all the pieces of the puzzle but one. That piece is where we need to have faith.

Abraham was on his way to sacrifice his son, Issac. Issac knew they had wood and fire, but no animal to sacrifice. He asked his father about it. It was the one piece missing. And Abraham replied that God would provide.

In our faith walk, we encounter times when we have all the pieces but one. That one piece is what we need to have faith in. That is the piece that the Lord wants to use to do a work in us!

The work of faith isn’t to just test us and see what we are made of. It is to grow us and make us the person God can use. Every time we use and grow in faith, God gets the glory, but we understand Him in a deeper way.

But being stretched in faith isn’t always fun. It requires a commitment to the Lord that many don’t want to make. But like Abraham knew and experienced, if you trust Him all the way, He will provide.

In what or where are you being stretched right now? Trust in Him, look at what He has already done for you and know that He will provide the missing piece!

Father, when it is hard to have faith, help us to push through and trust even more.

Peace, Todd

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