Glorify God • Magnify Him in this World!

He is God!

He satisfies the desire of his loyal followers;
he hears their cry for help and delivers them.
Psalms 145:19 NET

God doesn’t leave you on your own!

This is good news for His people, those who have given their lives to Jesus Christ. You have the God of Creation on your side!

This means that when there are issues and trouble, you can go to Him and He will hear you. He hears your cries and He will deliver you!

There isn’t a question if He can deliver you. He is God! He will deliver you!

So how does this happen?

This happens through prayer. This happens when you humble yourself and go to Him. He hears you. He knows exactly what you need.

He actually knows what you need better than you know yourself. He is God!

Prayer is hard because sometimes it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, like your prayer is going up to the ceiling and bouncing back.

But it is in prayer where the Lord starts to change your heart too. It is the place where He transforms you. Thus, you need to spend time with Him there.

He will help you. He will deliver you. He will transform you. He is God!

Father, thank You for the privilege of coming to You at any time of the day. Thank You for listening to my prayers and helping me in my time of need. Help me to always depend on You.


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