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Hard Decisions

Those among all the Israelite tribes who were determined to worship the Lord God of Israel followed them to Jerusalem to sacrifice to the Lord God of their ancestors.
2 Chronicles 11:16 NET

Do you have a “whatever it takes attitude?” You might at work or even in your fun. But do you have it with God?

After the Kingdom of Israel split, the Northern Kingdom went off to worship other gods. But there were people who weren’t going to follow false gods. They only wanted to worship the One True God!

They made the difficult decision to leave their homes and comfort, to move to the Southern Kingdom where they could worship God like He required.

Do we do that? Do we make hard decisions so that we can continue to worship and serve God? Or do we just give up when the going gets tough?

It could mean not taking a job that doesn’t allow you to go to church. It could be not hanging with certain people because they don’t fear God and their lives tempt you in a way that is not healthy.

It could be simply making the decision to go to bed a little earlier so you could wake up and start your day praying and seeking God.

Living for Jesus means living a life that pleases Him, not yourself.

What decisions do you need to make right now to adjust your life to Him?

Father, this world works so contrary to You. Godly things don’t matter and instead, people live to only please themselves. Help me to be different in that I seek You. Help me to live for You and make decisions that align with Your will.


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