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Guard Up!

Little children, guard yourselves from idols.
1 John 5:21 NET

John’s statement is to the point, guard yourself! In other words, be very purposeful. Put up a defense. Make sure you know the enemy. Be ready to fight!

He knew how easy it was to allow junk in our lives and his advice was to becareful what we allow. We can easily get swayed by allowing things to be more important than Jesus.

When we allow “things”, whatever they might be, to be more important than Jesus, we show the world and God that Jesus isn’t enough.

If that happens, then we didn’t truly get who Jesus is. When you can so easily replace Him with something else to guide, help, provide you with meaning for your life, you are in a very desperate place.

Jesus must be ALL to you!

Be free enough to not allow anything on this Earth to have a hold on you and cause you to not put Jesus first.

Would you willingly leave everything else behind?

Nothing else you can ever have compares to the value of knowing Jesus. Give your heart completely to Him… And don’t try to take it back!

Lord, help me to keep my eyes completely on You. Help me to never compromise my belief and trust in You.


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