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Good Intentions

So Johanan son of Kareah, all the army officers, and all the rest of the people did not obey the Lord’s command to stay in the land.
Jeremiah 43:4 NET

This might look like all the other Scripture that you run into while reading the Old Testament. The thing that makes someone want to focus on this verse is that a few verses before, Jeremiah 42:1-6, the people that were not swept up in the Babylonian exile, pleaded with Jeremiah to go to the Lord and inquire to what they were supposed to do, where they were supposed to live.

Jeremiah agreed and prayed. He then told them the Lord wanted the remnant to stay in the land. But after saying they would obey WHATEVER the Lord said, they didn’t!

Chapter 43-44 details what Jeremiah says will happen to them. They don’t care. In fact, they become more defiant discussing how they will sacrifice and worship the Queen of Heaven!

Things happened just like Jeremiah said. God doesn’t pull back on His Word. What He says will happen, will happen.

We read about the choices the Israelites made and shake our heads. The problem is we do the same thing!

God has told us what we need to do to live obedient lives, but we still choose our own way.

Make sure that the way you live isn’t contrary to what the Word of God says! So many people are deceived because they don’t know or care to find out what the Word of God says to them.

This is Christianity 101. You need to read, study and know His Word.

His Word, when read under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will show you how to live for Him.

Take the time to establish a pattern of reading His Word. Then, obey Him!

There is no other way for the true Christian.

Lord, I desire to be obedient to Your ways. Help me through the power and leading of the Hy Spirit to know Your will.


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