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Good Examples

These things happened as examples for us, so that we will not crave evil things as they did.
1 Corinthians 10:6 NET

Paul brought up the history of the people of Israel in the wilderness during the time of the Exodus.

They all saw the signs and wonders that God performed, yet they still sinned, seeking after their own lusts and not seeking the will of God.

As a result, the Lord disciplined them, to get them to turn back to Him and fully trust Him.

These things are a sign for us as we read the Word of God. We understand what God desires, what is his character and how we should obey.

Read the Word of God! God has given us His Word and we should adjust our lives according to what the Spirit says.

The Word of God isn’t just a piece of literature. It isn’t a history book. It is the very words of God. It is the message that He wants us to understand and know.

There needs to be disciplined, purposeful, reading of the Scripture. If not, you will never get the fullness of what God wants for you. You’ll only get bits and pieces of it.

Challenge yourself to put away other things, like TV for a while, and instead spend time reading His Word. Them see what happens!

Lord, thank You for Your Word. Help me to understand it by the power of the Holy Spirit and to know what You want me to know.


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