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God’s Favor

So the king granted me these requests, for the good hand of my God was on me.
Nehemiah 2:8b NET

Have you ever had a situation in which everything seemed to just go right? In this situation, everything worked like it was supposed to and there might have even been some nice surprises along the way. If you have experienced these times, it could have been the favor of God in your life!

God the Father wants to bless you! Like an Earthly father, He wants to bless His children with good things. He does this in many ways. One way is that He gives you favor with people around you.

This happened with Nehemiah. He had heard that the remnant Jews in Jerusalem we’re living in reproach because the city walls were not fixed. This reflected negatively on the Jews who believed God was for them.

One day, the King noticed he was a little depressed because of this. He asked him why he was so down and Nehemiah told him.

The king allowed Nehemiah to go to Jerusalem and repair the walls of the city.

The thing that we don’t always consider is that Nehemiah was praying and fasting for God’s favor all along. This wasn’t a chance situation.

God listens to the prayers of His people. God wants to bless His people.

And as you pray, your will aligns with His will. His desires become your desires. You begin to see things His way and He uses you to proclaim the Good News in this world.

Seek Him with you whole heart and desire to live a life that pleases Him. When that happens, God takes notice.

In what areas of your life do you need God’s favor? Are you praying and asking Him about it?

Father, thank You that Your desire is to bless You people. Move mighty to answer my prayer and give me favor so that You might be glorified.


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