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God Sets You Up

The warden did not concern himself with anything that was in Joseph’s care because the Lord was with him and whatever he was doing the Lord was making successful.
Genesis 39:23 NET

Life isn’t fair! It doesn’t take too long to figure all that out. Sometimes the road we travel seems harder than what others encounter.

For example, Joseph didn’t do anything wrong. He could have been considered a little cocky in sharing out his visions to his family, but even that was something they needed to hear for the future.

His brothers hated him. They sold him into slavery. As a slave, God blessed everything that he did and his master was successful.

Then his master’s wife tried to force him to have sex. When he refused, she accused him of attempted rape. His master became furious and put him in jail.

In jail, he found favor with the warden and was successful there too.

The Lord was with him all the time!

But if that was so, why did all these “bad things” keep happening to him?

Could God have been setting him up?

Yes! God was setting him up, causing all these things to happen, to move him closer to the place where He would use Joseph to bring glory to Him and save his family.

Things happen in our lives too! When things happen, they don’t feel good. We even might wonder “why is this happening to me?” Or, “why is God punishing me?”

But what if God was setting you up? What if God was moving you to the next step of your journey?

We should be aware of this! We need to look at what happens in our lives, especially when it is not our fault, and ask the Lord to help us see the next step.

If you belong to Jesus, then you know that He has you. See His plan even in the hard times. Ask Him and He will give you eyes to see.

Father, when things are tough, it is hard to understand why things are happening. Help me to see Your hand and plan in all of it.


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