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God Looks Down

God has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men
To see if there is anyone who understands,Who seeks after God.
Psalms 53:2 NASB

It’s wild to imagine that the God who created the universe looks down on us to see how we respond to Him. But it would make sense that a God who loves us, who sent His Son to die for us, would want to see our daily lives and how we are getting along here on this Earth. He is a very personal God.

What does He see when He looks at me? Does He see what the rest of the chapter says? A fool who has said there is no God? Or someone who seeks his own way?

Or does He see a person who is sold out for Him and no matter what is going on, understands and aligns his life to the God of Heaven?

What God sees in me is totally my doing. He has given me everything I need to live this life, if I don’t, it’s my choosing. It is my flesh who doesn’t seek God.

But I don’t desire that. I choose to seek Him. I choose to walk after His ways. So when God looks down from Heaven, He sees a person who understands that everything good comes from Him. He sees someone who seeks Him. And I know God doesn’t disappoint and is pleased in that.

Lord, help me to seek You always. Help me to understand, not just what I already know, but help me to gain more and more understanding of who You are. Help me to find true joy and peace in seeking You. You are my treasure.


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