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God Goes Big!

But he who takes refuge in Me will inherit the land
And will possess My holy mountain.”
Isaiah 57:13b

God has already blessed us beyond measure. But God the Father always goes big! He promises that those who come to Him and rely on Him totally will inherit the land and possess His holy mountain.

What does that mean?

Having land means you have provision. It means you have resources that you can tap into and use. It also means you have an identity. You belong to a people, a tribe. The fact that you inherit it means that you are special enough that God is looking after you and has written your name in His eternal will.

Possessing His holy mountain? Draws my attention to when God met with the Israelites at Mt. Sinai and gave them His law. It was a holy mountain that nothing unclean could approach, or it would die.

By possessing His mountain, we are declared clean. We are declared His people and are holy. We are accepted and allowed to dwell in the presence of the Most High!

Does my life align as a person who lives in the land and possess God’s mountain? Do I accept God’s provision and resources in my life? Do they satisfy me or do I long for more because I’m greedy and want what the world wants?

Do I act, respond and acknowledge that I’m in His tribe? Do I desire to live holy?

A daily focus, a remembrance, a purposeful realignment, a desire to do the Will of the Father and to be pleasing to Him is my highest calling.

Lord, when I think about what You have blessed me with, I’m overwhelmed. It is easy for my attention to drift to other things. But what I truly desire is to live boldly and free in Your presence at all times.

Lord, let Your presence surround me. Let Your holiness be my one desire. Let my passion find a home in You. Grant me the desire of my heart, my true desire, to be with You always.


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