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Let us go up at once to Bethel. Then I will make an altar there to God, who responded to me in my time of distress and has been with me wherever I went.”
Genesis 35:3 NET

There are times that we look back at our past and think they were good times compared to the time we’re living in now. We tend to forget how stressed, scared or worried we were because time has passed.

In Genesis 35, Jacob was in a rough spot. Two sons killed all the males in Schechem while they were recovering from being circumcised. They killed them in revenge for one of the city leaders raping their sister.

Jacob feared because of this, that all the inhabitants of the land would turn on him and kill his whole family. He was in distress.

But the Lord told him to go to Bethel, the first place that God revealed Himself to Jacob.

Although he was running from his brother Esau at the time, Bethel was a good memory. God showed up there!

So it makes sense that going to Bethel would help calm him and help refocus his attention on God and His promises to him.

How do you respond in times of stress and worry? Do you call a friend? Do you sit on your couch and cry? Do you think of all the bad stuff that can just make it even worse?

Or do you go to Jesus?

Do you have a history with Him? Has He come through for you before?

Think about the times Jesus has showed up in your life. Think about how stressed you were. Think about all the worry that didn’t amount to anything.

Then go to Him again and let His peace wash over you!

Pray, read that Bible verse that means so much. Go to church. Listen to that song that touched you so long ago.

Like Jacob, refocus your heart and your mind on Jesus. He is always there for you.

Father, thank You for my history and all the times that I can see You showed up. Thank You for the times You showed up and I didn’t even realize it. Today and in the future, help me to look to You first. Everything is put right when I have You first in my heart and mind.


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