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Giving Your Best

When the priests enter the Holy Place, they shall not go out of it into the outer court without laying there the garments in which they minister, for these are holy. They shall put on other garments before they go near to that which is for the people.”
Ezekiel 42:14 ESV

In our modern world, we value getting up and getting ready to face the day.  We take showers, comb our hair, brush our teeth, put on clean clothes, etc…  We sometimes prepare ourselves mentally, especially when we are going to face something that requires a lot of thought or will require a lot of our emotions.

But do we prepare ourselves spiritually?

In the vision that God gave Ezekiel of the new temple, there was a specific place where the priests that were ministering to God would go in and change.  They were not allowed to wear the garments that they wore to serve the Lord out in public.

This caused the priests to understand that they were doing something special, something sacred.  They were physically putting on a holy garment and while they did that, they could shift their thinking to realizing they were going into the Holy Place to serve a Holy God.

Something similar would probably help us to treat the things of God more sacred than we really do.  He is Holy and we should come to Him with the same reverence and awe the priests did.

That means that we prepare ourselves to enter into His presence every day.  That means that we are excited to worship with our brothers and sisters on Sunday morning and it isn’t something we miss.  It means that when we go to church or to a meeting where God is glorified, that we give Him our best, like go to sleep early so we are fully aware and awake when we worship.

The fact is He is worthy.  He is God!  And He deserves our full attention, full adoration, full heart and mind when we come to Him.

How could you prepare yourself to give God your best?

Father, help me to always remember that I serve a Holy God.  Help me to give you the very best I can give.  Not because I have to earn Your love and mercy, but because You deserve it and I want to honor and glorify You.



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