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Getting Used

You are to speak to all who are specially skilled, whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom, so that they may make Aaron’s garments to set him apart to minister as my priest.
Exodus 28:3 NET

Everyone has certain skills. On top of giving everyone skills, God gives His people wisdom to utilize their skills.

During the Exodus, certain individuals, who were given God’s wisdom, made the priestly garments that would be worn when the priests ministered to God.

The priestly garments were to be made with specifics in mind. But most importantly, they were symbolic and were to be holy!

What skills has God placed inside of you that when guided by the Holy Spirit can bring glory to God?

You have some. God has placed it inside of you.

If you’re not sure, ask Him to help you identify those skills so you can use them to glorify Him and spread the message of the Good News.

God uses those who want to be used. He is looking for willing believers to spread the Good News, in whatever means and skills you have.

Determine to be used by God today!

Father, thank You for putting inside of me skills and knowledge that I can use to serve You. Help me to be a blessing to You and to others today.


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