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Getting to Know the Lord

The Lord’s decisions stand forever;
his plans abide throughout the ages.
Psalms 33:11 NET

The Lord never changes. That is good news for believers and anyone else wanting to draw close to God.


If the Lord doesn’t change, then what we know of Him, what it says in His Word, is accurate. We know what He expects. We know what He wants. We know how we should relate to Him.

If He changed, we wouldn’t know what to expect and we would always be second guessing or afraid that we weren’t getting it right.

It’s to our great benefit that the Lord stays consistent on who He is and how He deals with His people. As a result, you can trust His Word.

Are you spending time in the Bible? I’m not talking about picking out a Scripture here and there. I’m talking about really reading it.

When we read the Word, we get to know who God is. We learn about Him and how He operates. It is one big way in spending time getting to know Him.

The true believer should be reading the Bible everyday. Get to know Him. Don’t put it off.

If Hof is number 1 in your life, then reading the Bible daily is a no brainer.

Lord, help me to get to know you more by reading Your Word. Reveal Your character, expectations, love, mercy and peace to me as I spend time with You.


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