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Getting Help

I cry to you, O Lord; I say, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.”
Psalms 142:5 ESV

Where do you get help from?  Do you go to the internet?  Do you go to a friend?  Maybe you go to a professional who can help you.

What if you went to Jesus for help?

Many people turn to Jesus when they have exhausted all other means.

One reason is that they are just not used to going to Jesus for help.  It is not what they do on a normal basis.

Another reason people don’t turn to Jesus is that they don’t know how.  They don’t know that they can just stop and talk to Him.  He listens and wants to bless His children.

And yet another reason is people don’t want to because they then would have to acknowledge that there is a God and that He listens.  The obvious question after this acknowledgment would be, “why don’t you follow Him and seek Him all the time?”

You can seek help from many different areas.  But it would be wise to seek help and refuge from the One True God who created it all!

Are you keeping the lines of communication open with Jesus?

Father, thank You that I can come to You whenever, wherever.  You are everywhere and meet my every need.


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