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Get Strengthened

and he said to them,“Why are you sleeping? Rise and pray that you may not enter into temptation.”
Luke 22:46 ESV

It’s natural for us to look for an escape when things get hard. We are human and the brain doesn’t like pain and discomfort.

The problem arises for us when the pain is a result of our faith and commitment to Jesus.

Jesus understood this. He told the disciples twice, while He was praying in the garden before His arrest, to pray to not enter into temptation.

In other words, He was saying, pray so that you have the strength and the faith to not give up but to keep going when things get rough.

And rough they did experience! They saw their whole world, the one they invested in for three and a half years, come to a complete stop in less than a day!

One minute they were eating a meal, the next they were looking at Jesus on the cross.

The turn of events must have been so confusing and overwhelming for them!

And again, what was Jesus’ answer to help them get prepared for this time? Prayer!

Prayer connects you with the Father. It puts you in a place where He can comfort, strengthen and pour faith into you.

But like the disciples, most don’t do it. It doesn’t seem like it accomplishes much.

But Jesus said to! He did so Himself!

You might find that it is one of the major things missing in your spiritual walk. And prayer is major, don’t fool yourself!

Are you praying on a regular basis? If not, you are missing one of the biggest things you can do to help in your relationship with the Lord!

Get started so you have the strength and faith to not fall into temptation.

Father, thank You for those times when You speak into my life. Help me to never neglect time with you. And lead me not into the temptation to give up, but to stay steady in You!


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