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“Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit. Matthew 12:33 NASB

I’ve always admired people that could look at various trees and plants and identify them regardless of the season, if there was fruit or leaves on them. I just never took the time to learn what to look for, there are many fruit trees and edible plants out there .

But in life, you just need to look at the fruit a person is producing to identify what kind of “tree” it is. A “tree is known by its fruit.”

This should help us to identify the people that we want in our lives, those who encourage us, are a friend and are honest, etc… It really isn’t that hard to tell.

But it should also cause us to look at the fruit we are bearing. What kind of person are we out there for others?

We shouldn’t be fake. We should be genuine, caring about others, encouraging them, helping when we can.

We need to be fruit inspectors, of ourselves and those we surround ourselves with, because of all people, we should be bearing good fruit. We have the love of Jesus on the inside!

Check yourself! What kind of fruit are you bearing? What fruit do others see?

If you’re not happy with what you find, ask the Lord to change you into the person He wants you to become! Then let Him prune you and water you and do His thing.

In the end, we want to bear good fruit for Him! What will you find?

Father, help me to bear fruit that pleases You. Search me and examine my heart.

Peace, Todd

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