Glorify God • Magnify Him in this World!


For this reason I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.
Matthew 21:43 NET

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day hated Him because He exposed them. He showed them to be all about procedures and processes but never really producing any fruit.

He upset their little world and they killed Him for it!

Could we be guilty of that too?

Is your life, your Christian life, all about routine and procedures and never producing fruit that points to a changed life because of the blood of Jesus Christ?

Do you go through the motions of being a Christian?

When was the last time you felt the Holy Spirit moving you to do something for Jesus other than sit in a church on Sunday morning?

Don’t get caught up in the regular and mundane that you miss the Son of God right in front of you. The Father wants you to bear fruit. He will use anyone who makes themselves available to His leading.

Father, help me to not become dull and stagnant in my faith. Help me to continue the joy of wonder and amazement as I have my eyes opened to all of Your glory and what You are doing all around me. Use me for Your service.


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