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Jesus said to him, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you? You follow me!”
John 21:22 ESV

It is easy to get our focus off the important things. Our lives are busy and things that “seem” more important get our attention. But, our focus should always be on Jesus.

This was Peter’s issue in John 21. Here he was in the presence of the risen Lord, something he jumped out of a boat and swam to shore for. But he then began to question Jesus about what would happen to John.

Jesus told him not to worry about John, but that he should focus on following Him.

Isn’t that advice we all need? Shouldn’t we stop worrying or focusing on other people and things and just follow Jesus? Our relationship with Him isn’t determined by anyone or anything else. It is personal. Only you have a say on how you will live for Jesus. It is your choice.

Don’t look to someone else. Don’t blame someone else for your relationship with the Lord. Instead, follow Him with total abandon and see what happens.

Remember, that is what Jesus told Peter to do! It served him well.

Father, I desire to follow hard after You. Help me to stay focused on You always.


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