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First Thing

David was very upset, for the men were thinking of stoning him; each man grieved bitterly over his sons and daughters. But David drew strength from the Lord his God.
1 Samuel 30:6 NET

The last thing you want to hear as you are coming back home from fighting is that your home has been burned down and your wife and kids were taken captive.

This is what David and his men found. In fact, his men were so upset that they wanted to stone him.

It really wasn’t his fault. They just wanted to take out their anger on someone.

But David didn’t just look at the circumstances and try to draw a logical conclusion. He was strengthened by the Lord. Why?

Because he sought after Him. Because he inquired of the Lord.

When we are in the midst of pain, suffering, heartache, confusion, we should learn a lesson from David.

Don’t look at what the current situation is. In the current situation, people might want to kill you. But instead, look to the Lord. He can rescue you in seconds! He can take the current situation and flip it faster than you realize what is happening!

In this life and forever, you want the Lord on your side. Learn to seek Him in EVERY situation. He is mighty to save.

Father, thank You for being active in my life. Help me to seek You always, that seeking You is the first thing I do.


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