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Finding Joy

So there was great joy in that city.
Acts 8:8 NET

Something awesome happens when a city, when people turn to the Lord. They find a joy that doesn’t come from their economic status, job satisfaction, or material possessions. The joy comes from finding and spending time in the Lord.

Philip, leaving Jerusalem because of persecution, finds himself in Samaria, a backwoods, half-breed area that no Jew wanted to be a part of.

He shared the Gospel, healed the sick, cast out demons, etc…they believed and were filled with joy.

They realized that God cared for them. That He would draw close to them. He wouldn’t abandon them. And that was enough to cause the city to be filled with joy!

Are you encountering joy in your life? If not, have you fully believed and embraced the Lord or do you half-heartedly live for Him?

Let the Lord do His work in you. How?

The true believer, the one who has made Jesus Christ his Lord and Master, needs to believe that his life is now guided and led by the Holy Spirit.

The believer needs to trust and obey, first everything the Lord gives us in His Word, but then what the Holy Spirit says as it lines up with God’s Word.

The problem today is that Christians want both. They want their life, their way, and the blessings of God and eternal life.

That won’t bring joy! That will bring turmoil and sadness as your will conflicts with God’s will.

Embrace Him and start living in joy. What are you waiting for?

Lord, help me to confirm my will to Yours. Help me to be ever so sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that I can always keep in step with You.


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