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But Jehoshaphat asked, “Is there not a prophet of the Lord still here, that we may ask him?”
2 Chronicles 18:6 NET

There is profit in trying to pass off fake merchandise. For a fraction of the price, people will sell fake products. You then think you are getting a name brand product, only to realize you’ve been tricked.

This happens from time to time, so we try to become aware of the fake products so we don’t get suckered! We become pretty savvy consumers.

But, this happens in religious or spiritual circles too! There are fake religious leaders and believers who “look like” the real thing, but are just good fakes.

Again, let me repeat, this happens in religious circles all the time!

The question is, can you spot the fakes? Can you spot them just like King Jehoshaphat did?

He realized that the prophets that were prophesing for King Ahab we’re fake. He asked Ahab for a real prophet of God.

How did King Jehoshaphat know King Ahab’s prophets were fake?

He knew they were fake because he knew what a real prophet was like. He had spent time with them.

And that is important for Christian’s to understand! You know the real man or woman of God because you’ve spent time with the real ones.

Surround yourself with real men and women of God who will seek His face and be obedient to His Word. Those are the people you want to be around! Those are the people you want in your corner!

What you’re around has an influence in your life. What or who is influencing you?

Father, help me to discern those who don’t truly desire Your ways. Surround me with men and women who seek hard after you. Help me to be someone that can influence others for You too!


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