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Faith and Works

You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone. James 2:24 NASB

Have you ever heard an outrageous claim from a salesman and finally got to the point where you said “prove it!” Claims are one thing, but if you can see it, it brings legitimatcy to what was claimed.

We are not saved by works. Anyone who tries to tell you that, isn’t lining up with the Gospel. No, we are saved by grace.

But our works show the legitimatcy of our faith. The works we do for the Lord show that what we believe is truly important.

When we do work for the Lord, it is an outward expression of what has happened inside.

So make sure you have this clear. You will never “work enough” to earn your salvation from God. But you can work to show how important the Lord is to you and how much He has changed your life.

It is a sign to others of what you truly believe and what guides you here in this life.

Father, let the things I do point to You and eternity.

Peace, Todd

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