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Faith and Action

Then Peter took hold of him by the right hand and raised him up, and at once the man’s feet and ankles were made strong.
Acts 3:7 NET

The crippled man was used to begging. That was his life, he knew nothing else.

When Peter and John entered the temple, he requested something from them, just like everyone else.

Of course, they healed the crippled man. But before that, he looked at Peter and John when they addressed him.

He expected money. They expected Jesus to heal him.

But, it wasn’t till action was mixed with faith that he was healed.

Peter took hold of him and raised him, at once…he was made whole.

Faith was mixed with action.

Prayers and requests to God don’t happen just because you start to act. You need to make sure that you are led by the Holy Spirit.

But once the Lord impresses on you to act, you should do so. You’ll see God move when you mix faith with the action that He wants you to have.

You need both. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Lord, help me to know how you want me to respond to You through the Holy Spirit. Help me to mix my faith with action, as it is based on Your will.


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