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Eyes On You!

The Lord is in His holy temple;
the Lord’s throne is in heaven.
His eyes watch; He examines everyone.
Psalms 11:4 NET

God has the best view! He looks down from Heaven on His creation. As He does, He watches us. He examines us.

Depending on where you are coming from will depend on how you see this.

The one who doesn’t belong to God, the person who has chosen to live their life for themselves, will have a problem with it. God will be to them, someone who is checking up on them, wanting to punish them for their bad behavior.

Those who walk uprighlty with the Lord will welcome this though. They want the Presence of God in their lives. They love God and want to be close to Him.

So the issue here is who is God to you? Is He a mean God who wants to punish you for being bad? Or is He a loving God who only wants the best for you?

The best place to ever be is right in the Presence of God. Go there! Run into His Presence. Stay and spend time with Him. There is no other place that is like it.

But He is a Holy God. To do so means that you enter His Presence clean, forgiven, through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Confess your sins and get right with God. There is no other way to truly live!

Father, thank You that You care so much about me that You pay attention to my life. I praise You because my life matters to You. I desire to live my life in a manner that always glorifies You, so those around me may see the hope I live with.


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