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In my trouble I cried to the Lord,
And He answered me. Psalms 120:1 NASB

When trouble comes, do you go into “fix-it mode?” Do you size up the situation and come up with a good plan to deal with it?

God gave us a brain to use, critically think and figure out complex problems. But there are times when you just need to turn to Him!

Times of overwhelm and stress can get our focus off of the Lord. Problems become too big, the load becomes to heavy. But these are exactly the times when we should turn to Him!

The promise is, He answers His people, He comes through for us!

But the key is to go to Him. Is this a practice of yours?

Most definitely, this practice of going to the Lord needs to be established, not only in the tough times, but also in the good times. You are establishing a relationship with your Heavenly Father, not a Cosmic Santa Claus that give you what you wish for.

When this relationship is established, you’ll find yourself going to Him at all times of the day, in short whispered prayers between meetings, in the hall, in your vehicle, walking down a grocery store aisle.

He becomes close, a God who cares to be with you and enjoys you as much as you enjoy His Presence.

Establish this relationship today. Don’t wait for the crisis. He is always there for You!

Father, thank You for the gift of Your Presence wherever I am and wherever I go.

Peace, Todd

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