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May my thoughts be pleasing to him! I will rejoice in the Lord.
Psalms 104:34 NET

We like to “look the part” or keep up appearances. Around people who are Christians, we like to make sure we are presenting ourselves in a proper way.

But, when we are with people who aren’t Believers, we tend to let loose a little.

We should be consistent. If Jesus is Our Lord and Savior, that should permeate every part of who we are, no matter where or who we are with.

One place though that can’t be so easily manipulated is our thoughts. Our thoughts are ours and not revealed to others, or at least that is what we think.

In reality, God who knows everything, even knows our thoughts. We can’t hide from Him.

So like the Psalmist says above, let your thoughts be pleasing to God!

This comes from truly embracing Him and making Jesus everything to you. When He is your first priority, then your thoughts too will be pleasing to Him.

Is Jesus your everything? Or is there someone or something else that is more of a priority? Even if it is a little bit more of a priority, you’ll still be off.

Priorities are shown by our attention, time, money, love, etc…

Make Jesus your priority today!

Father, thank You for allowing me to know the truth and what is important. As I go through my day, help me to keep the proper focus on You.


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