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Everything You Need

I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
Psalms 91:2 ESV

How you “see” things is pretty important!

Is that “thing” on the mantle a cheap dollar store product or is it a special piece to you because it was given by someone that matters?

Your heart and the way you think about something makes it special and worthy to you.

And so it is with God. Being the Creator of Everything, the King and Lord over all means nothing to you unless you put Him first.

“I will say of the Lord…” is He your Refuge? Do you trust Him?

It doesn’t mean He isn’t all those things. He is. He will always be.

The difference is, who is He to you?

To many He is only there when we need something. He is only there when life is crazy. He is only a refuge when we need protection.

He must be your everything!

And if He isn’t, you’re playing games with God!

And when your talking about eternity, you don’t want to trust in playing games. You want to know for sure!

Draw close to Him. Let Him be your everything now and in eternity.

Father, thank You for being a refuge for me. I trust that in Your Presence, there is everything I need.


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