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Everything Hinges On This!

29 And He continued by questioning them,“But who do you say that I am?” Peter *answered and *said to Him, “You are the Christ.” 30 And He warned them to tell no one about Him.
Mark 8:29-30 NASB

It boils down to this right here! Everything waits on the sidelines until this gets taken care of. Who is Jesus to you? The answer makes all the difference!

If Jesus is anything else to you than Lord and Savior, you are wasting your time. He’s not your friend, or a good man, or some great historic person. This world has known many of those. He is Jesus Christ the Son of God. There is none like Him!

Many want Jesus to save them. They don’t like the idea of burning in hell. But many won’t allow Him to be their Lord. That would mean that they have to submit to His way.

There is a way to truly live, under the Lordship of Jesus. Do things His way, and you won’t be disappointed. In Him, you will find true meaning, peace and joy.

Is there an area of my life that I haven’t given over, completely, to Jesus? Is there something I’m still hanging on to? Is there something that I think is more important than following Him 100%?

I need to let Him have it all. It’s hard to let go, but it must happen. He can do so much with a life that is completely surrendered to Him.

Lord, reveal to me anything that I have held back from you. I know that You deserve everything and that I shouldn’t put anything before You. Help me to do this by my actions, and not by my words only.


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