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For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.
James 2:26 ESV

Belief isn’t enough!

Belief in something doesn’t really mean anything. You can say you believe, but until you put action towards your belief, it is just words.

For example, you could believe that eating healthy is the best thing for you. But if you continue to eat fastfood day in and day out, your belief means nothing!

Your belief didn’t move you to action. It didn’t mean enough to change your behavior.

It is all just words, until you take action!

It’s the same with faith in Jesus.

Many people say they believe. They might even get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. But until they act on their belief, it is just all empty words.

Belief in Jesus should cause us to act and react towards Him in a big way. He said if you love me, you will keep my commands.

When we say Jesus is Lord, that means that we come under His Lordship, His authority. We should align our lives to His ways.

Many “believers” aren’t truly living this way. For many people, Christianity is an extracurricular activity. And that is not acceptable to God!

Do you put action to your faith? Are you living purposeful for the Lord or just getting to it when you can?

Do some soul searching and act!

Father, I desire to not only have faith, but to live it out in everyday life. Help me to do this today.


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