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Enough Grace

On the contrary, we believe that we are saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, in the same way as they are.”
Acts 15:11 NET

God treats us all the same. The grace that was given to the Jews is given to the Gentiles. And everyone who desires to be saved can experience salvation.

The Father doesn’t make anyone jump through any special hoops. Grace is free…for all…

Is it too easy?

Do we treat God’s grace with contempt because it’s free and we didn’t have to work for it? Like some cheap gift that was given to us that has no value, do we keep it around to not offend the giver?

No! The Christian should know that he is sunk without grace. Without the free gift of God, we would strive and strive to make it with Him, but we would never make it, because we can never “be enough.”

Not enough goodness, love, mercy, not enough anything! Without grace our life would be miserable, knowing we needed God, but never getting close enough.

Do you truly live under grace. Yes, you might say you do, but do you still try to “earn” it with God?

Be assured, it’s done!

Now, move to a place where you are extending grace to others. You received it freely, now share the message freely.

Lord, thank You for Your grace. Help me to treat Your grace as the greatest gift I could ever receive and help me to share your gift of grave with this world.


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