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Enough Faith

28 When He entered the house, the blind men came up to Him, and Jesus *said to them, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They *said to Him, “Yes, Lord.”29 Then He touched their eyes, saying, “It shall be done to you according to your faith.”
Matthew 9:28-29 NASB

It’s always amazing to me when you read in the Bible, times Jesus referred to other’s faith.

There is even a time recorded in the Gospel when He couldn’t perform many miracles in His own home town because of the lack of their faith.

Why don’t we focus more on faith? We seem to treat it like a thing that we can muster up in times of need, but that isn’t it. Faith needs to be there… ready.

What if the blind men in the Scripture didn’t have faith? “Jesus can I borrow your faith? Can you wait here until I get some faith?”  If so, they would have missed out on their healing.

It would seem that it would be very important for the believer to build on, strengthen and activate their faith. 

What would you miss out on if you don’t?

I need to have faith! I need to have more faith than I did yesterday or last year or 10 years ago. I need to activate it and use it, not store it up or bring it out when I think I need it.

I do this by staying in the Word, praying and trusting in the Lord. I shouldn’t focus on what I see only, but what I know the Lord has for me, His promises. I need to be stretched.

What can I have faith for today?

Lord, help my unbelief. I want to trust you more everyday. I don’t want to live on old faith or small faith. I desire to grow in my faith. I desire to grow in knowing You.



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