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Don’t Repeat

He did evil in the sight of the Lord; he did not repudiate the sinful ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat who encouraged Israel to sin.
2 Kings 15:28 NET

After the nation split into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms (after King Solomon), the Kings of Israel (North), never truly followed the Lord. In fact, the Bible says the same thing for all of the Kings, “he did not repudiate the sinful ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat who encouraged Israel to sin.”

The point is that God is paying attention. He is paying attention to the leaders of the nation and He is paying attention to the citizens too!

God is merciful, but He is also just. He will greatly bless His people. But if He has to, He will discipline.

And God’s opinions on what is right and wrong, how we are supposed to live, don’t change with the current political climate. He doesn’t change His views with the latest social media meme.

His ways are always true and they have been that way since the beginning. They are found in His Word and they are plain to understand.

Does He still operate like this? You bet! Is He paying attention to our country and the decisions that our leaders and citizens make? Yep!

Does He respond to our actions? Yes!

And it has been the same since He laid it all out in His Word!

He is still merciful and just. And He still disciplines.

What will He find when He takes a good long look at your life? When He looks at your heart and motives, what will He find? Someone who lines up with His Word, or someone who does whatever they “think” is right?

What really matters is His opinion. He determines the future!

Learn from the past. The best place for you is right in the middle of His will, not in the paths of your own desires.

Father, help our leaders to follow Your ways. And help me to know and live according to Your Word.


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