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Don’t Go There!

Then Abraham said to him, “Beware that you do not take my son back there!
Genesis 24:6 NASB

God had spoken to Abraham and asked him to leave his family and land and go to a place that He would give him.

When it came time for Issac to find a wife, Abraham wanted to make sure that she was not tied to the land of Canaan, which worshipped other Gods.

But more importantly, Abraham didn’t want Issac to go back to the land that God had moved him away from. So he sent his servant to find a wife for Issac.

Abraham knew what his family was like. We see it later when Abraham’s servant goes to find a wife

 After finding Rebekah, they ask him to stay 10 days. He doesn’t relent, and gets out quick. Later, in the story of Jacob, they entice him to stay 14 years!

Abraham knew that being around family, in that land, would cause him to want to stay and be comfortable. Abraham guarded Issac from that.

Our tendency is to move to things and times that are comfortable and easy. It’s understandable. After striving and pushing, we want rest and some time to relax. 

The problem arises when we get too comfortable and lose the urgency that God has given us to accomplish His will.

Again, resting isn’t wrong. God has given us a day of rest. But He hasn’t given us a week, month or year of rest to sit around and not live in His will.

God has a plan for your life. It is better than you can possibly imagine. He wants you to move forward, not backward. He wants you to continually seek Him. Going to the familiar, the easy, the comfortable, usually takes you another route other than the Lord’s. Not that the Lord always causes you to struggle, but you WILL have to depend on Him and have faith. This means that you are “active” in your walk with Him.

Lord, help me to rest when it’s time to rest, but then continue in Your will when it’s time toove forward. Lead me through the Holy Spirit to Your plan for my life.


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