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Don’t Be Cowardly

And he said to them, “Why are you cowardly? Do you still not have faith?”
Mark 4:40 NET

Jesus and the disciples were in a boat in the middle of a storm. The disciples were freaking out while Jesus was asleep in the boat.

How could He be asleep while the storm raged? Weren’t the waves scary? Didn’t the wind whip and smack the sails? Wasn’t He afraid for His life?

We know from experience that being in a bad storm can cost you your life. Some of these disciples were fisherman. They knew their way around a boat and water. Yet, they were even afraid.

What was the difference?

Jesus knew His purpose. He knew His mission was to die on the cross and restore the relationship of man back to God with the forgiveness of sins through His shed blood.

He knew the time to fulfil His ultimate mission hadn’t come yet.

So, He could have faith that the Father would hold Him safely in His grasp until the appointed time.

It is the same for us! When we walk in the purposes of God, when we take the time to seek His will, we realize that we can have faith because God will accomplish His will.

When our time is up, it is up. When that happens, we have our reward waiting for us. But until that time, we can walk confidently in what He has for us.

Spend time with Him. Get to know His will. Live by faith.

Father, thank You for the understanding that You are in control. I put my faith in You and I know that You will accomplish Your will through me.


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