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Do It Right Anyway

The one who despises the word will be in debt to it,
But the one who fears the commandment will be rewarded.
Proverbs 13:13 NASB

We can’t over spiritualize this one. But this principle does apply both to the temporal and spiritual.

The word here is just the spoken or understood word, not the Word of God. But we live in this world and we have words, laws, rules that help guide us…at home, work, in society, etc…

Fear here is a reverence for those things that were spoken. Not in the same sense as we Fear the Lord, but in the sense that we respect these laws, rules, etc…

The wisdom of the Proverb is that there are natural rewards when one follows the rules and does things the right way. Those that cheat and don’t do things the right way, eventually get found out.

As beliver’s, we need to always first, follow God’s commands. But we should also follow the rules and laws of the land, our jobs, etc., as long as they don’t go against the commands of God.

As believers, we have two sources of blessings. One is just knowing that we are doing right in our jobs, city, etc… We have the benefit and rights as a citizen. The second source is of course God. He looks down on us, sees the way we live for Him and is pleased.

Lord, man makes many laws. As long as they don’t negate your Word, help us to be good citizens and honor the rules and authorities you have placed over us.


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