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Divided Loyalty

I am the Lord! That is my name!
I will not share my glory with anyone else, or the praise due me with idols.
Isaiah 42:8 NET

Are we careful enough to make sure our devotion to Jesus is not divided among other things?

Like what?

Is work, sports, making money, friends, material things, cars, homes, the new shiny thing, even family more important to you? Do you put something before your relationship with Jesus?

No one can answer that for you! You need to seek God for yourself and ask Him to reveal that to you. But many times we already know the answer.

It is definitely not the place to be! Think about this conversation for a second. Would we dare verbalize it?

“Jesus I love You for saving me from my sins and giving me eternal life. But I also love football and because I love football so much, I’m going to skip out on church this Sunday so I don’t miss the opening kick-off. But don’t worry Jesus. I really love You so much. And when my team plays on Monday night, I’ll be in church to worship You. And for sure, when football season is over, I’ll be in church every Sunday!”

No one dares verbalize that! But it’s true. It is what happens every Sunday. Just substitute something else for football.

Am I being to harsh here? Am I hitting to close to home? Am I being legalistic?

Read the Scripture again! He won’t share His glory with anyone!

Don’t let anything come between you and Jesus. He gave everything for you. And He is coming again, for His people, those who are called according to His name.

You will rise up and do whatever you desire to do. You make sacrifices and go to extremes to get other things done. But isn’t Jesus worth it?

Father, when I stop to consider the desires of my heart, other things show up sometimes. I could easily put other things before my relationship with Your Son because my attention towards You falters. Help me to keep my focus and worship where it belongs, on You.


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