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Disrupted to Pursue God’s Goals

So Joseph got up, took the Child and His mother, and came into the land of Israel.
Matthew 2:21 NASB

We probably don’t give Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph,  enough credit. He had to have a lot of faith to do the things he did.

He took Mary as a wife, even though she was pregnant. He moved to Egypt on a whim because Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus. He moved back to Israel after Herod died.

Yes, the Bible says he had dreams. But how many people actually act on their dreams? Even with dreams, it took a lot of faith. We’re not talking about throwing some change in the offering plate here. We’re talking about the complete disruption of life and livelihood. He did it willingly and was a great Earthly example to Jesus.

How many people don’t walk in what God has for them because they are not willing to be disrupted from their own agenda? I’m sure Joseph had job, family and other goals he wanted to pursue as a man. He instead pursued God’s goals and allowed his life to be disrupted to please God.

Do you have goals for your life? What if the Lord came and started disrupting them? Would you allow Him? Or would you just pass it off as some crazy dream or weird thought? 

Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life. He sometimes disrupts your own goals and plans, but His are so much better.

Jesus knows exactly what He’s doing. If you trust in God, like Joseph trusted and obeyed, you will be pleasing to the Lord.

Do you know the Lord well enough?  Are you listening well enough to know when He wants to do something in your life?

It would be sad to miss what the Lord was doing in your life because you didn’t identify His voice and instead passed it off as some silly dream.

Get close to the Lord. Don’t delay. Seek Him and He will be found by you.

Lord, help me to identify and listen to Your voice. Help me to be obedient to what You have for me, even if that means my  life gets disrupted from what I thought I wanted.


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