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Difficult Times

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 Timothy 3:1 NASB

Christians shouldn’t be surprised that the world gets crazier as the Day of the Lord approaches. We were warned that it would happen.

One thing to consider is how fast things move. Think back to January 2020. It wasn’t that long ago, but at the same time, it seems like a lifetime.

The question is, are you prepared for even more? Although it has been difficult for many, this still isn’t “The End.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to fly. Jesus could come at any time for His Bride. But the “Last Days” are probably going to look a lot worse than what we are currently experiencing.

So, are you prepared spiritually, mentally and physically?

All three make up who you are. I would say that the spiritual you is more important. You need to be right with God because that is eternal.

But the mental and physical are important too. The stress and exhaustion that will come in those days will be extreme. You need to have your head wrapped around it so you are a player in the end game and know your exit strategy.

That end game is your part in the Kingdom of God! Your exit strategy is when He is ready, you will be with Him.

You know how it all goes down in the end. But what will you do until then?

Father, let me be a light and help me to do Your will as I do my part to further Your Kingdom till that day.

Peace, Todd

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