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Did You Forget God?

They forgot God their Savior,
Who had done great things in Egypt,
Psalms 106:21 NASB

The Children of Israel go through an awful cycle of one day living for God, then the next chasing after something else, usually some other idol or desire. Why? Didn’t they learn that God was the One who brought them out of bondage? Didn’t they remember how He came through for them over and over throughout their history?

We are a forgetful people. Not Jews, but all of God’s people. We tend to get past the current situation and then allow our eyes to focus and chase after the next shiny thing.

Don’t get your eyes off of God. Don’t forget the things that He has done in your life. God is faithful to you, be faithful to Him!

Take time to remember all the things that God has done for you. Recall all the ways He has come through for you.

Write them down, revisit them often. You will find that there are more things, more ways He has come through for you than you realize.

As you reflect and recall, acknowledge Him. Praise Him. Let God know, that you know, that you wouldn’t be where you are without Him.

Father, as I look back on my life, Your hand is very much apparent. Your faithfulness and love is more than anyone deserves. Thank You for blessing me. Thank You for Your favor. I pray that my life would always reflect my thankfulness to You.


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