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Devoting Myself

These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer, along with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.
Acts 1:14 NASB

The early church new that they had to devote themselves to prayer. They all knew the importance of prayer from Jesus’ example. So after being given the God sized task of going into all the world, and being told by Jesus to wait for the Holy Spirit, they did the one thing that seemed right while they waited, they prayed.

But they didn’t just pray once or on special occasions. They now understood why Jesus prayed all the time. There is no substitute for spending time with the Father.

And thus, it is one of the things we neglect the most, because it doesn’t seem like we get anywhere in the flesh. But the man or woman of prayer understands that God is moving in the background and that time with Him draws us closer. Who doesn’t want to be closer to God?

Do you spend time in prayer? I’m not talking about praying before you eat or at church. I’m talking about your own upper room? 

Is prayer a spiritual discipline that you evaluate? If you pray, does your time ever increase? Or have you been praying for a short amount of time since forever?

If you’re not praying, have you asked yourself why not? Do you have an excuse? Let me tell you, there is no good excuse. When you don’t take time to pray, you are saying that you are too busy and Jesus is too unimportant to take those precious minutes of your day.

Spend some time in learning how to pray and then do it! Jesus is waiting.

Lord, thank You for hearing us when we pray. Give us the desire to spend time with You and help us to be strengthened and to hear your voice when we do. Let Your presence be so comfortable and so familiar that we never want to leave.


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