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What do you do when the enemy is coming towards you and the odds are overwhelming in their favor?

Many panic and try to find a way to counter the approaching army!

It’s understandable! No one wants to be defeated and beat down.

We might not be facing an army, but we face things everyday that wants to defeat us and beat us down. And when that happens, we search for help from many different sources.

We will search the internet, talk to multiple friends, read books, throw money at it, you name it.

But we don’t usually take it to the Lord first. We don’t go to the One that can truly help and fight for us.

Why don’t we default to the Lord?

We don’t go to Him because we don’t trust Him enough. We don’t truly believe that He will come through in our situation. We have so little faith. We are spiritual weaklings.

But it’s time to not be that way! It’s time to default to be the Lord and the power of His might!

That is what King Asa did! Facing a one million man Cushite army, Asa prayed to God. And guess what? God destroyed the Cushite army!

How would you like God to destroy the things you are battling? Default to Him! Seek Him! Obey Him and see what happens.

God isn’t a magic genie for you to come to when you want another wish. But He is a God who loves His people and comes through for them and protects them.

He does this because He knows the best place for you is right in the middle of His will. If you want to be there, He will keep you there.

Trust Him! Default to Him!

Asa prayed to the Lord his God: “O Lord, there is no one but you who can help the weak when they are vastly outnumbered. Help us, O Lord our God, for we rely on you and have marched on your behalf against this huge army. O Lord our God, don’t let men prevail against you!”
2 Chronicles 14:11 NET

Father, who else is there like You? There is no one in Heaven or Earth that compares to You. Help me to stay so close to You that You are my first thought, my desire, my default.


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