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Crazy Passion for God

 “Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, has turned away My wrath from the sons of Israel in that he was jealous with My jealousy among them, so that I did not destroy the sons of Israel in My jealousy.
Numbers 25:11 NASB

So what did Phinehas do to turn away God’s anger and how was he jealous? Phinehas, as well as many others, cause this was done in the open, saw an Israelite go into his tent with a Midianite woman. Phinehas grabbed a spear and ran it into both of them. 

This Israelite man took this woman into his tent while people were weeping at the “Tent of Meeting” cause God was dealing with them.

You see, the people turned from God and started sacrificing and worshipping to Baal. This was a widespread thing! It was so blatant, that this one guy didn’t even care about hiding his sin. He brought this Midianite woman into his tent in broad daylight.

Phinehas shines in the eyes of God because he became so passionate for the things of God and hated to see the sin running through the Israelites camp, that he made a move to “get rid” of the sin from among them.

Because he was passionate for the things of God, God blessed him. (see Numbers 25:12-13)

Of course, some people might have a problem with saying that someone was passionate for God by killing two people. And of course we wouldn’t do it today. But there are two things here.

First, Phinehas was so close to God that seeing this blatant sin was too much. Sin bothers the true follower of God. It causes them to want to do something about it. 

Today, the true believer sees sin and it breaks their heart, or it should. They see people far away from God and know that if they don’t repent, they are going to everlasting damnation.

Second, Phinehas cared about the rest of the children of Israel so much, that he didn’t want the sin that was being blatantly committed in front of them to spread.

This verse says that Phinehas turned God’s wrath away from the people with this act.

As you look around at this world, does it break your heart that people are living far away from God? If they allow sin to rule in their lives, that means that when they die, they will go to hell.

What can you do about it? 

Are you praying for them? Are you being a friend? Are you listening to their concerns? Are you sharing the Gospel with them?
God still looks down on us and finds those that are passionate about Him. He will use a person that is passionate about Him! 

Lord, give us a passion for You that nothing else comes close. We know there is nothing else that compares to you.


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