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Come! Let’s bow down and worship!
Let’s kneel before the Lord, our Creator! For he is our God;
we are the people of his pasture,
the sheep he owns. Today, if only you would obey him!
Psalms 95:6-7 NET

The invitation is clear for you. Come!

You have been invited to the Presence of the Most High. He welcomes you with open arms. He calls you His.

Some might not like this, but He owns you. But when you realize that He takes better care of you than you would yourself, does that really matter? No! Because we are in His pasture. What other place can compare?

Just one Him! Verse 10 tells of the Lord’s anger towards those who left Egypt, saw His might works and still disobeyed. Those people didn’t see the fullness of what God wanted for them.

So, come, obey and see the fullness of the Lord.

When was the last time you reflected on all the Lord has for you and all He has done for you?

With all of that, do you readily obey Him?

The benefits of obedience are so vast, they cannot be counted.

But we don’t worship and obey, just for the benefits. We worship Him because we love Him.

There is no other way to live.

Lord, thank You for Your overwhelming love for me. Grant me the strength to obey You at all times, in every circumstance.


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