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Come and Wait

Let us go into His dwelling place;
Let us worship at His footstool.

Psalms 132:7 NASB

When you can choose whatever you want, what do you choose? Is the presence of God your first choice?

Worship should never be a chore or something that is done because you are “supposed” to do it. We worship because we love the Father and want to be where He is.

Is there an expectation when you come into the presence of God? Do you believe that God wants to move in your life?

Do you come joyfully because you are going to spend time with the God of all creation?

Take time to sit and truly give yourself to God. Don’t settle for the little devotional thing, put in your five minutes, and then walk away spiritually OK… Press in and give God your all.

God never dissapoints! Just wait on Him.

Lord, with all the things that we can give our attention to in this world, help me to focus on You more than ever. This world has nothing to offer outside of You. Accept my prayer of praise and help me to walk in Your ways.


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